A dated and tired linear garden brought back to life in Leeds. This urban plot had loads of potential with the client requesting a clean and modern design for parking, play and dining. Three new spaces lead you through the plot, along with complementary lighting for the coming winter nights . We removed over 30 ton of material and laid down a type 1 hardcore to set the foundations and depict the spaces to follow.




Custom made planed fencing, planting screens, trellising, raised planters and pergolas allowed us to set the mood and create a distinguished urban space. We played with clean lines throughout and made the most of the vertical aspect of the garden to maximize interest and growing space.



A remote controlled Collingwood lighting scheme allowed us to illuminate various parts of the garden and play with the journey from the covered car port down the Palladium smooth cobbled path to the deck and sawn grey sandstone patio.





We managed to reinstate the original Victorian lamp post next to the back door with a new copper lantern, squeeze in a simple storage shed and add some cool slate colours to the timber work which nestled the job in place. Planting included Garrya elliptica, Astelia ‘Silver Shadow’, Clematis ‘Polish Spirit’, Pinus, Ilex ‘Lawsoniana’ Ecchinacea ‘Sombrero Hot Coral’ and a whole lot more. A huge thanks to Catherine for all the freedom, hope you all like!