Last summer we had a request for a new fence at the bottom of a garden in Bramhope, Leeds. The client wished for a boundary line sympathetic to the farming land beyond and wanted a fence with charm and character, something that would seam the immediate garden and the wider landscape together (and not distract from the views).

We sourced two slabs of local stone from Blackhill Quarry and a few old heavy oak sleepers. We chiselled the stone into stiles / gate posts and set about the arduous task of ripping, splitting and shaping the sleepers.


A new handsaw, fresh circular blade and a few splinters later we moved the bounty into position and began assembling the bits together. A few concrete mixes later things started to look good.


Having swung the gate and added some mesh to keep the rabbits out, the original brief was answered with another unique build from Evoke.


A good end product liked by the client and friends with a great response from the sheep and cattle next door! Well worth the effort, many thanks to Silvia and Paul.