The clients had an extension built to the rear of the property which bit into the garden and as a result left a severe level difference. The ground around the extension required excavating and retaining to create some usable garden space.

sillars before1

sillars before

New pine timber sleepers would be used to form the retaining wall and step detailing required to bridge the levels. Sleepers were secured using FastenMaster Timberlock screws.

sillars build

sillars build1

When the wall was up to level the back was lined with a geotextile fabric to filter any groundwater and backfilled with a 20mm gravel. This porous backfill would aid with drainage and relieve ground swell on the wall itself. Weep holes were drilled in the base of the sleeper wall to allow water movement.

At this stage of the build, we were also able to run cables for a simple lighting scheme. LED recessed light units were installed at the base of the wall to cast light over the Indian Sandstone Patio.

sillars build2

Pressure treated timber edgings shaped the new lawn and planting beds ran around the perimeter of the garden.


Planting helped to soften the boundaries and create depth to the whole garden.

sillars after

sillars after1

The contemporary patio and walling styles reflected the interior of the house and the personal taste of the client.